Olympus Floating Fountains

Olympus floating fountains can add not only aeration but sight and sound to your pond’s enjoyment. They offer the degassing of surface aeration to help clean and improve water quality at he same time offering the owner and their guests a pleasant array of patterns.  Easy to install these fountains come in many patterns and horse power ranges. From 1/3 hp units for smaller ponds and waterways, up to 3 hp fountains for larger ponds.

Floating fountains also offer the chance to have LED lighting that provides even more enjoyment after the sun goes down. Easy to install with just 2 tie ropes to hold them in place or for easy fall removal. Olympus floating fountains have been designed and manufactured right here in Mildmay Ontario and are sold world wide. We designed them to be very strong and durable and that future parts are easy to get. When you are interested in one of our fountains we like to talk to you and go over your needs. Our job is to get you the right fountain for your needs with the right options.
Questions like:

  • How big is your pond?
  • What type of hydro do you have?
  • How close is the pond to your home?
  • How is your water quality?

Please call and let us provide you with a fountain that will last you many years of service and enjoyment.!!