Sludge Reduction Pellets

We at Pond Perfections Inc. designed our sludge reduction pellets for our colder Canadian climate. Picking the right beneficial bacteria, enzymes, amino acids and putting them in a very handy pellet for customers to just throw in their pond. After only 7-10 days you should be able to see thousands of tiny gas bubbles or the area around the pellet changing.

As the bubble rise they take good bacteria and spread it through the water column, attaching to partials and decomposing them in the whole pond. Water quality and cleaner water with higher visibility is the next improvement. With good oxygen levels and the right application rate you can get rid of 2-4″ of sludge in a year. Great for around boat docks, beach areas and around ponds to reduce weed growth areas.

The pellets change the sludge to gasses and they work their way down into the sludge. This is very popular product for pond owners to spot treat problem areas in their ponds. Many throw the pellets (15–20 pellets per square foot) around the outside 20′ of their ponds. As the pellets get rid of the sludge there is less weed and algae growth in the area. We sold over 4 tonne last year and many for reorder to those customers that have tried the sludge pellet! One of the best and easiest pond management tools in North America these days. Pick your problem area and throw!

Available online, from our distributors or call to place and order or get the information needed. We do have a toll free number and in a very few minutes you can have the information needed for your pond.