Aquatic weed cutters and nets

A lot of aquatic weed problems are around the outside 15′ – 30′ of most ponds. They grow mostly in shallower water; some weeds in clear water can grow from over 10′ deep. Our crew and our customers use 2 – 3 different weed cutters and nets. The aquatic weed roller is new this year and is going to have a very large impact on the way people do preventive weed and algae work around their ponds, beaches and boat docks. Very simple to use for anyone and has 6 cutting and ripping blades. This 24″ wide aggressive aquatic weed tool will clean up the shoreline and beach areas very quickly. We sold over 700 all across Canada the first year.  Because it is fast, easy to use and not that expensive. it will last 20+ years so is a good long term investment.

Aquatic weed razor for deeper water

The aquatic weeds razor is very good and cutting weeds that grow out farther in the pond. Its 4′ wide blades slide along the bottom cutting the weed letting them float to the top so you can take them out if you like. It comes with a 35′ rope to throw it out and pull it back cutting the weeds.

The 24″ aquatic weed cutter has a serrated blade to cut and pull out weeds and algae. It works very well on chara and algae type plant and has a 18′ reach with the 3 piece handle.

We have 2 types of aquatic weed nets, they are so much easier at taking out the floating weed. They are 15 times faster and far better on your back. Heavy duty 9’ handles and big 1″ square mesh lets the water out and the weeds in. We have a smaller net for clean up of leaves and tidying up.