Orb-3 Beneficial Bacteria

Orb-3 Beneficial Bacteria can improve your pond or lake water clarity.  Murky or discolored water are because of decomposing particles floating mostly in the top two to four feet of water. These particles could be from decomposing leaves, aquatic weeds, animals, or fish like goldfish, carp or catfish. So adding Orb-3 Beneficial Bacteria is the solution, if you don’t have aeration to help break the particles down. Therefore in ponds or dugouts where water quality is important think bacteria and aeration. Out west where dugouts are everywhere beneficial bacteria can play a main roll in water quality.

Adding Orb-3 Beneficial Bacteria has been used for many years to clear up water quality issues.  ORB-3 professional bacteria has different strains of bacteria as well as enzymes and trace minerals which come in very handy solu-pacs that you just throw in every 3 weeks. As the packets decompose on the surface of the pond they spread out, saturate with water and sink down to the floating particles, where they work to decompose particles, gases, dead aquatic plants and bottom sludge. as a result water clarity improves and added oxygen speeds up the decomposition even more.

So give us a call if you have a water clarity issue with your pond or lake, because we will be pleased to discuss the issue and see if ORB-3 is the solution for you. In Conclusion, we can go over your pond size and problem to get you the right answer.