Koenders Windmills

For pond that need bottom aeration but don’t have hydro near the Koenders windmill will last many years aerating your pond. Available in 16′ and 20′ high models the windmill only need 3 MPH winds to start them aerating. There are thousands of these Koender windmills in Ontario and many are over 20 years old. If your pond is a long way back but has a good amount of wind to drive the unit. The koenders windmill will work well for your needs. The deeper the water the better they turn over the water in the pond. Therefore degassing of carbon dioxide and other gasses will lower. In addition good aeration grows good bacteria in the pond helping to clean the water.

The Koender Windmill are also sold for many just to have the windmill appearance on the property. The deeper the pond the better they work and the more water they move. Degassing for water quality purposes or adding oxygen to prevent fish kill from carbon dioxide poisoning. They use no hydro and can be shipped in boxes or have us build and install for you in cement. We at Pond Perfections Inc. are proud to provide a repair service. In addition they are very easy to trouble shoot over the phone for the do-it yourself owners.

If you have the questions, we have the answers to make you purchase right for your needs. A windmill kit has the windmill, air diffuser, check valve, plastic air line and gear clamps. Special self weighted tubing is also available from the shore out to the diffuser that stays on the bottom with no weighing down. It takes only a few minutes on the phone to get all your answers so you can make an educated purchase.

Please call so we can help with your pond needs!